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The agers who inspire

The agers who inspire

Stereotypes about ageing are there to be challenged. Who says you have to slow down as you get older and sit quietly instead of taking up new sports? That wasn’t on the cards for Fajua Singh, who took up running when he moved from India to London and completed his first marathon at the age of 89. Yes, 89. He officially retired from marathon running when he was 101 and you can watch a short video about him here 

Of course everyone is different and running marathons isn’t something we all want to do – but click here to read about this 92-year old lady who shows, walking can help you take ageing in your stride. 

But it’s not just physical exercise that helps keep us young – playing games and having fun helps too. And it doesn’t have to be all bingo or crosswords – read about this gamer, now in her 80s, who is still tackling ‘video games’ with gusto. Illustration: Healthy ageing

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