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Hello Brain • Brain Health
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How does your brain work?

You’ve come to the right place to find out. This section of the Hello Brain website describes that amazing three pounds (1.36 kg) of ever-active tissue inside your head.

Have a look around this part of the website to find out how your brain is divided up into different regions that all have their roles to play in keeping you thinking, feeling and doing.

We’ll be looking at the billions of cells that carry all-important information around your brain, the support systems that keep you going and how your brain changes over time.

You’ll find out that your brain is plastic (yes, really!) and how this means your brain can adapt to new information and experiences.

You’ll learn about the concept of ‘cognitive reserve’ – a protective reserve that seems to help some people avoid the symptoms of brain ageing or injury.

You’ll find out more about memory and attention – how do they work? Why are they important?

And we’ll take a glimpse into the future of brain research

Ready? Scroll down to get started.

Find out more about your Brain

Brain Basics

Your brain contains networks of cells and parts that work together so you can sense, move, communicate, learn, think, feel emotions and make decisions.


Your Brain Changes With Age

Throughout your life your brain is constantly changing, and your behaviours and experiences can help to shape it at any age.


Plastic fantastic

It was once thought that the connections in our brain set like concrete as we age.  We now recognize that the brain can be remolded throughout life. We call this...


The Reserve Team

Why do you forget your keys when your brain gets older? As you get older you may get a little forgetful and slower...


Memory: Remembrance of things past

Memories are our experiences spun as patterns into the wiring of our brains. They unravel a little as we age, but sometimes we can identify a specific cause and...


Attention - What memories are made of

Attention is the key to opening your mind to new memories. You may think that your memory has failed you when you can’t remember something, but it could be that you were just not paying...


A look to the future

Science! Technology! What will they do for brain health in years to come? From devices to help us live independently in older age to building a ‘virtual...