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Scientific Journals Favourably Review Hello Brain App

Scientific Journals Favourably Review Hello Brain App

The Hello Brain app has been reviewed in the international medical journal The Lancet Neurology and also in the Irish Psychologist. We are very happy with the verdicts.

Writing in the Irish Psychologist, reviewer Derek Laffan, describes the app’s design, functionality and aesthetic appeal as “excellent”, “effective” and “attractive”. Furthermore, the app is lauded as contributing “to the psychological and neurological understanding of the human brain” and having “the potential to improve the quality of life of those who use it”. 

The review also attests to the “unique” nature of the app that gives it an “edge” over “competing brain developmental apps in that it also incorporates exercises involving lifestyle, social and environmental factors for brain development, not just cognitive exercises”.

Alonso Pardel Bermejo’s review in The Lancet Neurology is equally complimentary in tone. The reviewer praises the “simple” and “non-strenuous” nature of the app which purposely gives it an accessible quality, enabling it appeal to a broad demographic.  The Lancet Neurology review describes Hello Brain as a “laudable initiative”, grounded in sound scientific thought that “encourages social interaction and a healthy lifestyle”.

The Lancet has an impact factor of 39.20 and is one of the world's oldest and best known general medical journals and has been described as one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world so we are particularly pleased that they took the time to review Hello Brain.

We are delighted that our app continues to be received so positively in by the general public and medical professionals. Ultimately, our hope is that this recognition will make more people aware of the importance of brain health, encouraging them to become proactive about their own brain health.