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Hello Brain • Brain Health
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Brain Basics

Your brain contains networks of cells and parts that work together so you can sense, move, communicate, learn, think, feel emotions and make decisions.

What makes my brain work?

What you do affects how your brain works. Take a look here.

Your brain is wonderful. In just three pounds/1.36 kg of pink, jellylike material it carries billions of interconnected cells that ‘talk’ to each other so that you can move, feel, learn, bring back memories, think and speak. 

Even reading this website is causing networks of your brain cells to fizz and connect so you can see the text, read it, understand what it is saying, integrate the information into what you already know and store it so that you can recall and think about it later.

What you carry inside your head is the most complex object in the known universe, and it is constantly changing and updating. But we know quite a bit about how it works. So let’s break it down into its parts and see how it all fits together: how different parts of the brain process different types of information and how the many cell types work in concert to help make you who you are. 


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Gluey Glia

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Clever cortex

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Your three brains

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The brains outside your brain

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