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Take a 10-minute survey to help dementia researchers

Take a 10-minute survey to help dementia researchers

 at Trinity College Dublin The NEIL Programme is a dementia research programme at TCD.

We focus on dementia prevention, brain health and understanding how we can delay the onset or reduce the severity of dementia symptoms. We also develop educational materials, and are interested in your opinion of the FreeDem films, a series of short, animated videos that we created.

If you have already seen one or more of the films: Please take this 10-minute survey

Please click the link or cut and paste it into your browser https://goo.gl/2UW9zg

We are interested in what you can recall about the films so please do NOT watch the films before taking the survey.

You can, of course, watch the films again after you complete the survey.

If you have never seen the any of the films before: Simply visit http://freedemliving.com/research and choose any of the 10 surveys shown.

If you wish you can take more than one survey but we will be delighted if you take just one.

Please share the link and the films as widely as possible

To learn more about the FreeDem films or the NEIL Programme, visit http://www.tcd.ie/Neuroscience/NEIL/ or contact us at neil@tcd.ie