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Hello Brain • Research
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Illustration of people discussing brain health

Brain research: new insights for better health

The Age of the Brain

Documentary Trailer
Hector the Robot

CompanionAble: a robotic companion for brain health

As we get older, it’s important to live in an environment that supports good brain health, but that doesn’t always...

Studying role of novel disease genes in cognition

Gene hunt is on

Scientists from around Europe are joining in a hunt for genes involved in cognition problems.  We now know genes play...

Professor Seth Grant

Five minutes with Professor Seth Grant

A native of Sydney, Australia, Prof Seth Grant is a neuroscientist interested in how brain mechanisms drive our behaviour and...

A scene from City Quest, a brain training game

Play to win a younger brain

Playing a video game could turn back the hands of time, making your brain feel younger. That’s the goal of...

Professor Fiona Newell

Five minutes with Prof Fiona Newell

Fiona Newell is a Professor at the School of Psychology and Institute of Neuroscience in Trinity College Dublin.  Her research...

Raffiella / Photocase.com

Institutionalisation for dementia - no one-size-fits-all for Europe

Europe is a diverse place: our traditions, foods and cultures vary from country to country. Similarly, so do our risks...

Prof Gabriele Meyer

Five minutes with Prof Gabriele Meyer

Prof Gabriele Meyer is Director of the Institute of Health and Nursing Sciences at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg


How did you become...

An MRI scanner at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience

NeuroSKILL: Towards a clearer picture of the brain in dementia

How does a person’s brain change physically as they develop dementia? Are there early clues that imaging the brain could...

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